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13 août 2018

Sécuriser son système d'élevage avec des fourrages complémentaires :
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Agricultural benefits of incorporating intermediate crops and catch crops into rotations (Moquet M., )

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Exploiting the benefits of forage beets in grazing systems (Carré A., )

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Choosing complementary forage and functionally optimising farming systems (Blin B., Daveau B., Fortin J., Garnier J.-F., Guibert S., Levieux Q., Pierre P.)

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Utilising complementary annual forage in goat livestock systems (Jost J., Bessonnet S., Bossis N., Drouot C., Thomas D.)

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Fully exploiting catch crops and regrowth in organic meat sheep systems: the experience of a livestock farmer in the Drôme region (Blache S., )

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Technical and economic benefits of using catch crops before maize: results from a dairy farming network in western France (Masse A., De Launay J.)

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Immature mixtures of grains and protein crops: an assessment of their nutritional and economic benefits (Boulanger A., Cochet P., David S., Gigot C., Lagrost Y., Le Meur A.-A., Quillet J.-B., Thomas D.)

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Early harvest and preservation of silage made from mixtures containing grains and large proportions of protein crops (Uijttewaal A., Delbecque D., Fesneau A., Fortino G., Jeulin T., Joulié I., Olivier F.)

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Dialog’Alpes: a tool allowing dairy cattle farmers to better exploit the diversity of permanent grasslands (Theau J.P., Faugeroux F., Malvoisin T., Pauthenet Y.)

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Estimating the energetic value of high-oil forage maize (Férard A., Boisneau A., Meslier E.)

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