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31 octobre 2018

L'intégration cultures-élevage, un levier pour la transition agroécologique


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(Choisis J.P., Mischler P., Ramonteu S.)

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Dynamics of agricultural systems in France: farms and regions have become more specialised since the 1970s (Schott C., Mignolet C., Puech T.)

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Integrating crop and livestock farming and enhancing forage and feed autonomy: an exploratory study of dairy farms in Pays de Caux (Havet A., Lescoat P., Perrin L., Remy B.)

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Crop-livestock interactions and establishing feed autonomy for a dairy cow herd in an organic farming system (Fiorelli J.L., Bazard C., Echampard L., Godfroy M., Lavé R., Trommenschlager J.-M.)

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Revenues, remuneration, and shifting work patterns for two organic, autonomous, and cost-effective dairy systems (Coquil X., Anglade J., Fiorelli C., Fombaron S., Franck C., Godfroy M., Hostiou N., Pailleux J.Y., Veysset P.)

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Designing an advisory tool for improving the economic performance of mixed crop-livestock farms in Franche-Comté (Gesell A., Guy A., Jacquot B., Laures V., Roumet J.P.)

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Innovative and multiperformance systems rooted in synergies between crop and livestock farming (Choisis J.P., Mischler P., Ramonteu S.)

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Rethinking mixed crop-livestock systems to reduce pesticide use (Tresch P., Chartier N.)

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Interdisciplinary analysis of collective approaches for encouraging legume crop integration: the example of the Esparcet EIG (Cresson C., Casagrande M., Valorge F.)

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Using the serious game Dynamix to design trade relationships among grain and livestock farmers in Ariège (Ryschawy J., Charmeau A., Martin G., Moraine M., Pelletier A.)

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Adopting a more rational and interdisciplinary approach in agricultural sciences training programmes by applying an agroecological perspective to mixed crop-livestock systems (Clabaut T., )

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How livestock farmers define robust dairy cows (Ollion E., Blanc F., Chassaing C., Ingrand S.)

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